Hi I'm

Jerome De Wulf

I build digital solutions.



Pathfinding visualizer

An application I built to better understand how

the most common pathfinding algorithms work.


Home page for https://pathfinding.jeromedewulf.be
Mobile homepage for https://pathfinding.jeromedewulf.be



Distance tracker

When the smartwatch app I used to measure distance to the pin

on the golf course became pay to use, I decided to create my own app.

It uses location tracking to calculate the distance to

set points on my home golf course.




About me

I'm a no nonsense problem solver from Antwerp currently working as a Cyber Physical Systems Engineer at Atlas Copco. I have professional experience with React, React-native, Angular and Wordpress.

Sometimes I dabble with Python, NodeJS or PHP

Image of man and dog in front of the MAS in Antwerp


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

+32 476 07 56 71

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